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Code of Conduct
•Students should maintain discipline in the campus and their conduct should be satisfactory.
•Students are expected to attend the lectures regularly as per the time table of the college.
•All the students should carry identity card issued at the time of admission during college hours, including in examination and in all college functions and activities. The students may be required to produce their identity cards whenever required.
•They are expected to maintain a minimum attendance of 75% in all the subjects so as to be deemed eligible to sit for the examinations.
•They are expected to read all the notices displayed on the notice-boards as well as visit the college website regularly.
•They are expected to show mark of respect to their teachers, staffs of the college and the Principal.
•They are not expected to loiter in the institute premises.
•They should not indulge in ragging practices.
•They should not indulge in taking any items of drugs including alcohol and tobacco in the institute premises.
•No society or association should be formed in the institute and no outsider should be invited to address a gathering without the prior permission of the Principal.
•They are expected to take proper care of the institute’s property. Any damage done to the property of the institute in the form of breaking the table, bench, desk, furniture, or any other things, or disfiguring the walls is a punishable offence.